[Screening] April 10th - Born in Flames theanarchistcinema.org

Submitted by TheUsher in TheAnarchistCinema (edited )

Our second showing will begin April 10th at 23:00 EST. We look forward to seeing you all there!
No synopsis for this one but if someone would like to write one we will add it.

Born in Flames (1983)

Runtime: 90 minutes

“Set ten years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, it presents a dystopia in which the issues of many groups - minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, feminists - are dealt with by the government."
“Born in Flames is a 1983 documentary-style feminist fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism in an alternative United States socialist democracy. The title comes from the song “Born in Flames” written by a member of Art & Language, Mayo Thompson of the band Red Krayola.”



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TheUsher OP wrote

We are about 1 week away. Will you be tuning in to the premiere? It seems that there will be a few folks on matrix during the premiere so feel free to drop by for some fun!