[Screening] March 21th - Zero for Conduct theanarchistcinema.org

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We are excited to announce our premiere showing on March 21st starting at 23:00 EST.

Zéro de conduite: Jeunes diables au collège AKA Zero for Conduct (1933)

Runtime: 45 minutes

“Four rebellious young boys at a repressive French boarding school plot and execute a revolt against their teachers and take over the school.”
“Zero for Conduct (French: Zéro de conduite) is a 1933 French featurette directed by Jean Vigo. It was first shown on 7 April 1933 and was subsequently banned in France until November 1945.”

This film will likely be watched through a historical lens, not only because of the date but also the global context that it was released in. By some peoples definitions this takes place during the first-wave of western anarchism and so obviously contrasting that era with our own will be interesting. We can also contrast the experiences of young people as portrayed by this film with what youth is like today. Besides differences what, if anything, is the same? We hope you enjoy, and please share your thoughts!



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TheUsher OP moderator wrote

1 hour until showtime!


TheUsher OP moderator wrote

The movie is now live! It can be found here https://theanarchistcinema.org/stream/ until the next showing. The goal of this project is to provoke discussion, so leave your comments in this thread, join the riot.im room, or submit your long from thoughts as a review! I hope you enjoy.