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kinshavo OP wrote

I heard something like this, mostly that he was just trying to keep the show faithful to the books and bc he is really a witchers fan he would bother producers and writers to cut the crap while doing the show..

It's like we are reliving the 60s and Chinese cultural revolution again but with modern themes.. And other thing is that this whole entertainment industry is toxic as a whole (videogames, cinema, tv, internet, social media,etc)


InfAmy wrote

Having seen the statements made previously, I can see many things which line up as the writer of that accusation intentionally misinterpretting something to put their own spin on it and denigrate those who disagree with them (fans of the games and book series).

The icing on the cake is the claim that he was toxic because he wasn't comfortable doing nudity or sex scenes that weren't in service to the plot. Can you imagine what would happen if a woman said the same things, and then the producers of the show tried to pressure them into it? I can certainly see toxicity in that interaction, but it's not from the person setting boundaries.

The accusation claims to be from a staff member, but is anonymous, so that remains just a claim, and seems just to take already public nuggets of information (such as the above) and recast them in a new light. I do not see anything in there that would have been new information that has been substantiated after it was written, which leaves me in doubt as to the veracity of the claims regarding the accusers position.


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Did you mean Isaac Asimov's "Foundation"? I just finished the first season if that's what you're referring to, but haven't yet read the books.