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Stuckinthecity wrote (edited )

The white nonsense that Bruce guy was spouting holy shit. He understands that no one in power REALLY cares about fertility right? Oh who am I kidding of course not.

I’ve seen so many works with a good message shooting themselves in the foot because the creator was blind to their own biases. Looking at you Hideo against-war-but-not-women’s-objectification Kojima.


videl wrote (edited )

Pretty different really. The Doom Patrol is more a team of down on their luck fuck ups than super heros. I think you'd enjoy it. Tends to align with the politics I see on here. Specifically how the show portrays normalcy as being shitty. I would say the show has a pretty clear anti-fascist message.

Was good enough to encourage me to read the comics and I don't really read comics so yeah.


ziq wrote (edited )

Glow is about a female wrestling league in the 80s. Snowfall is about the crack cocaine epidemic in the 80s and the US government's bankrolling of it to finance military dictatorships to defeat communism in South America. Yellowstone is about a capitalist rancher who will do anything to stop native Americans from taking back his vast inherited land. Developers are also after it. It's the best of the 3 shows.


mofongo OP wrote

I saw Better Call Saul, great show! I'm waiting for the next season, but I think the creators want to release a movie first.

I did not like The Walking Dead, gore really puts me off. I watched until the 4 episode and it's not for me. Similar with Game of Thrones, I read the books though.

I already saw the shit out of Seinfeld and King of the Hill, not sure if I'm interested in watching it again. Maybe KotH since I was younger when I last saw it.

I've heard good things of Mr. Robot and The Expanse, I'll look them up, thanks!


rot wrote

Also the main cast has incredible plot armor and has been going on for too long that I have trouble believing that June would not have been killed off already after having been shown side characters killed for less.

And it ignores how sexism arises and how it colors every action and perception. Gilead is just a fascist nation that systematically uses women as slaves and somehow where this idea came from is just a mystery to everyone.


alex wrote

we seem to have different taste but here’s some stuff i’ve watched that i think you might enjoy:
Sons of Anarchy, Better Call Saul (i only watched the first episode but really enjoyed it), Insecure, The Walking Dead

some other random stuff i’ve really liked:
Seinfeld, King of The Hill, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, The Expanse