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existential1 wrote

I'm enjoying the hell out of this show.


ziq OP wrote

I guess I'll catch up then.


existential1 wrote (edited )

It has the classic Lindelof "i keep getting more questions than answers" feel and i do love alan moore stuff so I'm not a neutral observer. But the way this show doesn't hide from visceral racism is unlike any mainstream show since maybe the wire. And the way it balances being pro/anti-cop as well. Like, if you hate cops(who doesn't)'ll see everything you hate about them in the show. But maybe in a way that a lot of people find ok because of who it happens to (so it makes one have to be resolved in their 'fuck the police' attitude)...which I find fascinating that Lindelof isn't on some kinda fash kill list already.

Also it brings to the forefront the race history of Tulsa and Oklahoma in-general, which is a story that combats a lot of racist narratives when told truthfully.