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ziq OP wrote

angel finale: i won't spoil it but watch the last episode of each and it is check fucking mate angel is the darkest.

Idk, I think it was an uplifting ending. They brought all the dark forces that run the world into the light of day, kicking and screaming. Sure, they probably all died after it cut to black, but they died destroying authority. It's like making everyone in the world suddenly aware that their rulers are hellspawn. They created anarchy.


roanoke9 wrote

I actually love the ending and find it cathartic after their seasin long lesson in fighting from within evil law firm and making devils bargains right and left- But still, about to make one last stand versus beating apocalypse number nine and on to the next now, with a whole new team of slayers, seems darker. I guess i don't see dark and uplifting as opposed, or more like dark can uplift me.