Submitted by ziq in Television (edited )

The power-hungry tyrants are all dead, cluminating with Dany who would have conquered the whole world if Jon hadn't killed her. Jon is finally free to live with the freefolk far from the state's reach. The North is no longer beholden to the Southern rulers. Tyrion gets to help bring peace to the people. Arya is venturing beyond the known world to have great adventures and make incredible discoveries.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I have to wait for Wednesday to watch it. Basically can't look at the internet until Wednesday.


Liability wrote

the message was good but the acting felt forced most of the time


black_fox wrote

i thought it was a decent ending i was just confused on why they still needed someone watching the wall


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I think it was a ploy to free Jon Snow. The only people at the wall were the free folk, and they all left with Jon and went North. He's never coming back, he's free now after years of servicing the common good.