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bloodrose wrote

Season 1 was awesome. The first episode of this new season was painful. It was so misogynistic it was hard to handle. I'm writing it off as them trying to resolve something from season 1 and hope that it gets better. crosses fingers


F_x wrote (edited )

Are you telling me this piece of shit of MacFarlane is doing something right?

Edit: So who's the MacFarlane fan downvoting me?


ziq OP wrote

Trek fans like the show for its egalitarian values and being a clone of 90s Trek. I much prefer star trek discovery which actually tries to do something new.


F_x wrote

As someone that can't stand Star Trek, what's the difference with all of the series?


ziq OP wrote (edited )

star trek the original series was made in the 60s and tried to depict a progressive future where Russians and Americans could serve side by side on starships.

star trek the next generation tried to depict a perfect state socialist utopia - equality, post-scarcity economics, no religion, no conflict, etc.

star trek deep space 9 was set on the frontier of federation space, so it had the state socialist humans mingling with ancaps (ferengi), monarchists (the dominion), etc. and there was war and racial strife and religious stuff. It eventually became the best written of all the shows, but the first 2-3 seasons were pretty slow.

star trek voyager was about another idealistic utopian Federation crew, except their ship is lost in another galaxy that humans have never been to and they have to get home somehow. At this point trek had been overexposed and the show struggled to be interesting.

star trek enterprise was a prequel set before the original series and before the Federation. It had humans taking their first steps into the galaxy.

star trek discovery is also a prequel, set between enterprise and the original series but it uses deep space 9's edgier themes.