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selver wrote

Sopranos. I like how this show critiques patriarchy, and I love Edie Falco.


Fossidarity wrote

Binge watched that some weeks ago, it's very strong at first but it doesn't keep up with itself imo.


selver wrote (edited )

I'm only just starting season 3.


Fossidarity wrote

I finished The Legend of Korra, watched Tokyo Godfathers (it was great, thanks /u/mofongo) and started Frontier, which is meh so far.


Freux wrote

You amazing bot <3

I've been rewatching Derry Girls, looking forward to season 2.

And I've been catching up on Titans, 3 episodes left. I'm surprised that it's good but I don't know if I will continue it for season 2, it will depend on where it's going with those final episodes.


ziq wrote

The Last Kingdom. Scratches my Game of Thrones itch pretty well but it's a lot more of a standard narrative following one main 'hero' character.