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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

My thirteen year old son found the show on Netflix and has watched the entire series twice, and is going through a third time.

The show has a bunch of life lessons that I do think are useful - don't lie to people, don't be self-centered, don't let your competitiveness push you to make a fool of yourself or get people to take advantage of you, don't be so uneducated that you make foolish decisions, shopping will not in fact fill that gaping void in your soul, corporate jobs are mind-numbing and dehumanizing. And it depicted a lesbian relationship in a positive light.

On the other hand, every main character and the great majority of the guests are white. They're all effortlessly thin and by mainstream beauty standards all gorgeous. The lifestyle for the characters based on the jobs most of them do is absurdly high so it promotes the myth that a halfhearted effort leads anyone to a good standard of living. The closest thing the group has to an intellectual, Ross, is a bumbling buffoon with poor social skills and his passion for his academic field is played for humor around how incredibly boring it is.