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This is an episode taken from a YouTube series I follow which discusses the history of the Nickelodeon network. In this episode, it discusses "Vegetable Soup" which originally aired on PBS before migrating to Nickelodeon.

I feel remiss that I hadn't heard about the show "Vegetable Soup" until today, even though it premiered before I was even a twinkle in my daddy's eye. It is still very much relevant, maybe even moreso now than ever. It manages to discuss racism and prejudice in ways that not even modern programs can manage and would be a benefit to all kids, regardless of background.

Though it does feel in line with something I've thought about, regarding the documentary about Mister Rogers called "Won't you be my neighbor?" how sad it is that Mister Rogers's simple, heartfelt message about how all people have worth and value, regardless of background or what they can and can't do, remains more radical than ever.



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