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edmund_the_destroyer wrote (edited )

I think the author is looking at the situation the wrong way. There are two separate problems in play here:

  1. Non-Caucasians play second fiddle or are not given any roles at all in most original Hollywood content. That's the part of the writing I understand and agree with.

  2. Hollywood is more focused on profits than originality, so they have taken to rebooting the same series over and over rather than take a risk with something new. I guarantee some Hollywood execs didn't say, "Let's do another Buffy series, but with people of color!" and "Let's do another Charmed series, but with Latinas in the leading roles!" The Hollywood execs just said, "Let's reboot Buffy, and Charmed, and Gilligan's Island, and Magnum PI, and Car 54 Where Are You, and The Honeymooners!" and then someone else said, "Fine, and while we're at it maybe we should stop whitewashing everything."

And with the second point, the lack of originality is lamentable but if these series are going to come back anyway at least the rewrites won't be as "No N_____" as the originals.