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I set up the wiki list and I'll start slowly adding more and more to it, I plan on going through some of the old movie threads on reddit. Feel free to suggest additions here in the comments and I can add them.

I was considering putting categories, how do people feel about that? Tags for [capitalism], [lgbt], etc. Is additional information like that needed, or is the format fine as it is? I'm not too enthusiastic about sorting movies politically like that, but it could be useful if the list gets long enough.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Tags could be cool! Might be a lot of work.

Here are some to add though:

What to Do in Case of Fire


Land and Freedom

The Trotsky

They Live

The Edukators

Salvador (Puig Antich)

The Baader Meinhof Complex

My Brother is an Only Child


Pop wrote

  • Persepolis

  • Living Utopia

  • Sacco And Vanzetti

  • Matewan


  • A Place Called Chiapas

Slick wrote (edited )

Black Mirror - the show has many similarities with Guy Debord and his book Society of the Spectacle's ideology. [capitalism]

Sense8 - the only show in hollywood with intersectionality [lgbt]

Children Of Men - anti-fascism and late stage capitalism

Salt Of The Earth - low-budget indie movie about labour organizing and class struggle


tofu wrote

• Marianne and Julianne (Die bleierne zeit), 1981 - Margarethe von Trotta — same subject as Baader Meinhof Complex but much more powerful IMO. It tries to show the process of the characters becoming radicalized and stages a direct confrontation between militant ideology and liberal reformism. And the german title “The Age of Lead” is pretty neat.

• Rosa Luxemburg, 1986 - Margarethe von Trotta

• Jonah, Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000 - 1976, Alain Tanner

The seventies had a good amount of radical and radical adjacent films. I have a list compiled on my computer somewhere and have torrented and watched a decent amount. Will add some more from there when I get off work.


tofu wrote

  • La Commune (Paris, 1871) - 2000, Peter Watkins. This film is like half doc half historical re-enactment of the Paris Commune in a warehouse outside Paris. Details the brief history of the Commune but then also investigates how the event of the re-enactment affects the participants (mostly working class Parisians and immigrants who volunteered to be in it) and changed their sense of history.

  • The Hour of the Furnaces - 1968, Octavio Getino & Fernando Solanas. Radical doc about imperialism's effects on Latin America.

  • The Battle of Chile - 1973-79, Patricio Guzman. Doc about the coup overthrowing Allende.

  • Zvenigora - 1928, Alexander Dovzhenko

  • Arsenal - 1929, Alexander Dovzhenko

  • The End of St. Petersburg - 1927, Vsevelod Pudovkin

  • Strike - 1925, Sergei Eisenstein

  • October: Ten Days That Shook the World - 1929, Eisenstein

  • Gate of Flesh - 1964, Seijun Suzuki. Whether this is radical or not is up for debate, but I'm throwing it up here for being blisteringly anti-American and for being a film that deals honestly with the aftermath of total war.

  • The Human Condition - 1961, Masaki Kobayashi. Just one of the best anti-war films ever & focused on the massive waste of human potential created by arbitrary authority.

  • A Grin Without a Cat (Le fond de l'air est rouge) - 1977, Chris Marker. Doc about political instability in the late 60s, particularly focused on May '68 and the Vietnam War.


selver OP wrote (edited )

There's a great documentary about the Baader Meinhof Complex too, called A German Youth.

And I believe Germany in Autumn is about it too, with a chilling section of it directed by Fassbinder. (parts of which are in A German Youth)


Ant wrote (edited )

I've been thinking about Sub.Media's END:CIV lately

It's too bad about the jensen in it but he's not being a tool in the movie at least


GrnBlck wrote (edited )





Freux wrote

Been slowly adding them to the wiki. Anyone can vouch for "Salo 120 days of sodom" ? Of what I've heard of it, it's quite disturbing and the fact it's based on Marquis de Sade's writing I don't think it should be on this list.


GrnBlck wrote

It is based on that book, but set in the Republic of Salo, the fascist puppet state of Nazi Germany in northern Italy. Fascism, abuse of power, corruption and sadism are all themes of it. Pasolini himself was anti-fascist and communist.

It is very disturbing, but as a film portraying fascism, it has to be. Roland Barthes said: "In spite of all its objectionable elements (he pointed out that any film that renders Sade real and fascism unreal is doubly wrong), this film should be defended because it 'refuses to allow us to redeem ourselves.' It's certainly the film in which Pasolini's protest against the modern world finds its most extreme and anguished expression. Very hard to take, but in its own way an essential work."

I understand why you are hesitant to include it, and would accept its exclusion, but stand by including it.


Freux wrote

I was going to continue to upgrade the list but you did it all. Thanks! I'll just add a content warning for Salo.


GrnBlck wrote

No bother! Do you think we should CW any others? None of them get quite as bad as Salo, but some can be full-on.


Freux wrote

I'm not familiar with most of them but for sure you can put CW to others you think need it.


ziq wrote

What about satire like The Death of Stalin?


selver OP wrote

Was that good? I've been trying to find a copy of it for months, I love that director. It's the Veep guy right?


ziq wrote (edited )

Idk, it's not out on torrents yet.

Yeah it's the veep guy.


selver OP wrote

Oh shit, it just got posted 2 days ago.

It's on passthepopcorn and iptorrents at least. Don't know if it made it to public trackers yet.


PerfectSociety wrote (edited )

Money Heist from Netflix

Punisher from Netflix - He fights against key figures in the Military-Industrial Complex.