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I went in after watching the trailer and knowing there was an actor I liked:

Expectation: thriller show about a veteran struggling to work as a protector of evil.

Reality: action cop show about lone cop fighting terrorism to avenge his GF.

the first and second episode were interesting, but the writer then had to make the show stereotypical and bland again. And the end twist was a disappointment pulled out of his ass (the weak muslim woman who didn't have the courage to blow herself up and got caught at the 5th minute was in fact the evil mastermind pulling all the strings from her prison cell 🤮)

The gap between the actual story and what I was sold was on the level of "Bridge to Terabithia".

looked it up on raddle and this quote from this article sums it up:

Yet Jed Mercurio felt it would be subversive to create a situation where the stereotype in most bigots’ minds was the reality?



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tuesday wrote

chances are if there's cops then it's going to be copaganda.