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tuesday wrote

snowpiercer is good. I'm just starting on the second season now. the premise is great.

the expanse is also great but I haven't seen the newest season


moonlune wrote (edited )

I've seen and recommend:

  • hilda (sweet cartoon about a girl who loves nature in a magical world)
  • love death & robots (animated anthology, for adults)
  • I re-watched utopia (2013) for the third (4th?) time, my favorite series ever (It's the same compositor as the white lotus!!) its on youtube (CW: violence)

I've also seen and also recommend:

  • severance
  • fleabag
  • the white lotus

I've seen:

  • primal (adult cartoon about a prehistoric guy & dinosaurs)

[deleted] wrote


moonlune wrote

Idk about zombies I'm at episode 4. It's the one where they never speak and only grunt.


Fool wrote

Move to Heaven - About an Autistic man that cleans up the belongings of dead people. Based on a true story.

Hellbound - People receive proclamations that they are to be taken to hell at a particular time. When the time comes infernal entities appear, kill, and incinerate the person. Religious Fundamentalist group growing around the events. Overall I thought it was mediocre, but interesting premise I want to see where the second season goes.

(Both are Korean)