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I'm may more upset with rues family than rue herself. The bullshit where u r wants best for someone so u just control their life is fucked up as hell. It's one thing to not want to deal with the illegal aspects and give the person options. Making choices for what's best by someone by forcing their hand is beyond fucked up.

I think rues reaction is immature, unproductive and embaressing but I don't blame her at all for how she treated her mom and Jules. Tho gia and Elliot where treated in a messed up way.

Tho tbh I think I viewed this episode way different than how ur supposed to see it. A vulnerable person got fucked over by those close to her and got in a shitty position. Rues bad position was caused by her but her mom and Jules put the nails in her fucking coffin.

Way more discusted with her mom and Jules than rue tbh. I think this episodes reaction is a great example of how most people will completely fuck over their loved ones, put them in danger, and disrespect their autonomy bc in my experience most people are assholes who care about being nice but not being someone who respects ur autonomy.

Makes me think a lot about why I can't stand most people bc their fundemental values are a spitting enemy to my key value people having atonomy to make choices. Sure most people are nice but they have no problem disrespecting u, objectifying u and putting u in danger if they think that's the nice thing to do.



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