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annikastheory wrote

Okay so here is what we do.

Lets fake an issue, look poor as hell and be as dramatic as hell.

Make it on the show

and absolutely own Judge Judy.


friendly_raddler wrote

i once saw a video, but i can't find it now, of a guy who went twice to judge judy, as different characters each time, and went with a friend, just for the money

i did find this article Here’s What It’s Like to Go on ‘Judge Judy’

i know for a fact that similar programs (Caso Cerrado in specific) always cast random people as actors, so none of it is real


lettuceLeafer wrote

I'm pretty sure judge Judy only has people in actual civil court cases. Judge Judy is a form of civil mediation I believe


annikastheory wrote

Wasn't sure if I should reply to you or /u/friendly_raddler with this but here is a vice interview about some roomates who faked a story/case to get on the show. and they ain't the only ones to do this.