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Sid_Knee wrote

More anti-capitalism being sold to us by capitalist organisations (this added $19 billion to Netflix's stock value). Of course, their anti-capitalism always blames a few bad guys (the VIPs). Any alternative to capitalism is never presented. Just a few reforms and tweaks here and there and everything will be just fine. Everyone is anti-capitalism these days, even the capitalists, and it’s just a lifestyle dead end that leads to people thinking that liberty and equality begins and ends with fair trade coffee, rainbow bombs makers and POC better represented in boardrooms.


existential1 OP wrote (edited )

Are you saying you would still be opposed to a boot on your neck if it were a high heel instead? /s


ab5 wrote

I'll wait for this fad to be over before watching it, maybe two or three years.


monday wrote

A lot of people, parents mostly, are talking how children (even early teens) are watching the show and seeing all as a banal fable of reality shows, the violence goes over their head as if it was "normal" or expect. Some people told me they worry this a desensitization going on in their kids, but I am not sure this is the case.

The anticapitalist critique is not a given thing either, many of my coworkers who watched the show never spoke about it in this way. At least I received a sermon from a white vegan zoomed about migrants, overpopulation and govt "handouts"....


[deleted] wrote


monday wrote

Yes, I heard something like this too, like ppl saying it's reminding the blue whale challenge.

I don't have the experience of being a parent, but it's seems almost impossible to prevent kids from engaging with this content/graphic violence if other parents don't think the show is a bad influence and social media is just a big game for the kids.

I probably would be a bad parent, or too much control or not control at all.


existential1 OP wrote

Just finished it. Felt like the last 2 minutes were a bit of a letdown but overall enjoyed the show. Capitalism is crazy in Korea too, eh?


catachresis wrote

At the end of the fifth game there was the frame of the VIPS watching the game and I thought it was an interesting critique towards the viewers at home watching this tragedy-filled show for enjoyment on our couch.

I don’t think it needs or requires a second season, it would be more of the same and taking down the big boss as finale wouldn’t align with it’s marketed ‘anti capitalist’ messaging, imo. They could have a deep connected web that keeps the games going. I don’t think the good guys could win in the end without the police/state power.

It’s very solid television and was worth watching, but wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend to anyone.