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DSA TV is pretty spot on I'd say. Some thoughts:

Great infrastructure. Never had issues with the website, and the app has all the functions I'd want for a streaming service. Seems to be built/ready for a bigger catalogue and much greater numbers in users.

They offer monthly subscriptions on a sliding scale (including 0$ a month) for those who can't afford the 10$ a month. Which is nice.

The catalogue is limited to leftist propaganda in all its forms: Most of it is documentaries, some breadtube-like original content, a handful of ok-ish animated shorts, and then there's a weekly news show covering U.S. politics from what seems to be a pro-Bernie/AOC/Chapo perspective.

Some documentaries are interesting, but for me personally, the content on is the type of stuff I wanna watch every other week at most. It's certainly not yet the "post-capitalist Netflix alternative" they want it to be. They keep adding stuff to the catalogue almost every week though, so there's potential.

I wish they'd drop the focus on (U.S.) electoral politics, the heavy focus on "fuck capitalism", and instead have some more anarchist-friendly content. In other words, there's a lot on that reminds me of why I 'moved' post-left. Overall, it's not as radical, interesting or entertaining as it could be, but I'm glad it exists.


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Dont' know much about District Sentinel, but looks like it's the same people doing the Means Morning News.