autodidact "Average Joe" needing help with donation

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I was wondering if someone more educated than myself could help me with a donation.

My....um....friendlike acquaintance/cool celebrity I admire thingy desperately needs help paying for healthcare:


and even if the best I can do won't help much, at least it's something. The fees for the bank transfer would be more than the remainder of the donation, so I would either need to send a paypal or postal money order to someone who would then combine it with other microdonations and do the bank transfer or else just a quick link to some sort of Bitcoin 101 that would point me in the general direction of my other option.

I can't believe I have to just sit here and do nothing. There's got to be some way for us dumm peepul to toss a pizza-sized donation into the kitty.

tia and thanks for listening to me vent.


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mofongo wrote

Have you looked into gofundme or similar sites?