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celebratedrecluse OP wrote

If it does not require permission from root to update, this is concerning. If it does, it is definitely a liability, because the verification of the file's integrity is at stake.

i2p has had serious security issues in the past, high profile ones, so I am a bit overcautious perhaps.

Fundamentally: Why is it asking for a password to startup?


Freux wrote

will i2p update within the network with this method?

I haven't had the need to update it yet so I have no idea, at worst you download the new .jar and redo the process.

it would be running as root

Nope, it's basically just an archive that is extracted in your home folder. It's also the recommended way to install it for any distro that doesn't have i2p in their repo.


Freux wrote

Not on arch anymore, but you can install it this way:

First of all, do you have java installed?

java -version

If not,

sudo pacman -S jre8-openjdk

Go there: and download the linux i2pinstall_0.9.39.jar


java -jar i2pinstall_0.9.39.jar

GUI installation should pop up and just follow through. I'll assume you know what to do from there.


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

So I use pacman mostly, but AUR is not possible to fetch with pacman, and i2p is only available through AUR, so I installed yay, a package manager which can install AUR packages easily.

I look up i2p packages with -Ss option, and find several. But when installed, i2p & i2p-bin from AUR both ask for user password before running. I think they are trying to get root privileges, which is odd. Even if I key in the password, however, the i2prouter does not save configurations properly, and cannot connect the network. So it seems kind of broken. Comments in the AUR indicate similar errors faced by other people. Hence my question, is it broken on arch for everyone?


Freux wrote (edited )

The AUR package activate something that have to do with the cpu which isn't support by all processor leading to it not working. I mixed up with i2pd, I have no idea why it doesn't work then.

You should still be able to install it through java.


t_1635 wrote

Its akin to saying is a bastion of crime and racial prejudice because places like /f/whiteness and /f/piracy exist. Its based in fact but to just brand every member of the site as a racist criminal due to that is idiotic generalisation. (I've heard one of their top 10 boards was named /leftypol/ which just shows how diverse such that large site is)


kensin wrote

Exactly what connection beyond "some members of both groups have used a website". I'm sure you agree that's not a valid connection. Lots of people unaffiliated with either group use that website too. Just like a ton of people use google or any other popular website. If you can back up your claim that those groups are connected please do.


t_1635 wrote

On one hand, the requests are sometimes related to stopping actual crime (such as violent action and not their usual DCMA notices) but on the other hand I respect the site's right to sometimes not cooperate with police. Its a difficult problem.