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haek wrote

Isaac Arthur covered how it might be possible to slow down the human perception of time in one of his trans-humanist videos. It involved speeding up the human brain through artificial augmentation.

This kind of tech is certainly a double-edged sword. On the one hand you could think of it as a path to post-scarcity. In a world where that sort of tech exists you probably also have full immersion VR. You could live in a virtual utopia as an immortal being. On the other hand, genuine sadists like Peter Scully could abuse this technology in truly hellish ways.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

Tell me about other tech developments that didn't turn Frankenstein due to capitalism... like more of these solutions to problems, that end up being just bigger problems.

Furthermore, ever noticed this is about putting chips into people's brains, to control their thoughts? This is literally stuff making me wanna jump through a window.... so it doesn't do much good for "mental health".


piper wrote

Well... it seems bad now but may be it could lead towards something good later on, like pacemaker. May be in future chip-in-brain could help people with brain issues or diseases. I mean if it was Jeff Bezos or google, I’d go in rage but Elon is kind of least worst of all evil currently.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

My blood just boiled when I've read the usual Reddit cheerleaders for that article.

It's not even pigs being tortured into labs for cancer research. No... it's for fucking brain chips.


keez wrote (edited )

Wow this is actually really cool if it was implanted into a fictional character written by Orwell and not into a living thing at all, especially not a defenseless pig. jk its not cool at all

Thank you Elon Musk <3 you are not like other billionaires <3 I hope to one day see your wealth in ruins <3


FuckCopyright OP wrote (edited )

Even without its terrible data collection practices I'm not really interested. 2010s crap with barely any anarchist-adjacent people on there too, plus I would find myself envious of the users there, or pissed of any reactionaries the AI-powered app would have me watch.