Question for /tech: What online platform do you think is most likely to achieve scale without being compromised?

Submitted by bayviewtrees in Tech

This question is sort of a rorshach test, giving some useful insight into the fledgling community of Raddlers interested in tech. It'll be good to know who's here.

Of course "compromised" will take on different meanings to various audiences. Do I mean a compromised business ethos dominated by Silicon Valley VC's; or do I mean secret backdoors legally mandated by the intelligence community's body of secret laws; or do I mean state-backed hackers will use the platform to launch propaganda campaigns? Take it to mean any of those and more!


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PoisonDartFrog wrote

Are there any online platforms operating out of America that aren't compromised? I can't remember the last time I saw a live warrant canary on a social media site (outside of raddle).


jadedctrl wrote

IPFS, Matrix, any distributed and E2E encrypted systems, really.


surreal wrote

GNUnet if it ever achieves scale.