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SummersIsle wrote

Brave browser comes with this, uBlock and noscript pre-installed


boringskip wrote

It also has some weird bitcoin funding model where they replace ads with their own ads, and it's run by the Mozilla guy that was fired for being anti-gay


r0gErThAt_excellent wrote

So just cause he was anti-gay marriage (and not "anti-gay") that means his company and its products suck?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


r0gErThAt_excellent wrote

No, they also suck because of the ad replacing thing that was mentioned in the post you replied to. How did that escape you?

Number 1: How does that disprove what I said earlier?

Number 2: Well they don't "replace ads with their own ads", that's just wrong:

Brave ads only exist as an experimental setting, and it is and will remained disabled by default and opt-in. If released one day, it is using on device only data and opt-in.

Brave payments (donations to publishers) is opt-in, done anonymously, and on device if enabled using the Anonize protocol.

Code is fully open source and auditable here: