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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

her emails tho...

Seriously RT? lol, and common Assange is just a Trump/Putin bot at this point.


StrongIndependentWomen wrote

Whoever Assange is working for, it doesn't change the fact that her emails have been validated by the FBI.


SethRich wrote

But Russians! Russians!!!!


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

well this link is from Russia Today lol

I mean we all know that Clinton is currupt as fuck, however, the election was almost a year ago and ya'll are still saying 'but her emails tho'.


boringskip wrote

Fuck off Assange. And Hillary too.


0cto5quid wrote

Remember; Pizzagate is fake news!


Pepsipepe wrote

Antifa voting for a corporate corrupt candidate and then protest the outcome when it doesn't go their way. and then they claim to be anti all of those things


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

you're in the wrong fucking place Pepe

Also, your fucking dense, 'antifa' didn't vote for Clinton. You idiot, you fucking moron. excuse my ableist comments.


jadedctrl wrote

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" was the logic. Doesn't mean you have to like the "friend" after the enemy is taken care of, does it?


ziq wrote (edited )

We don't vote. Fuck all rulers.