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foggymorn wrote

Is anyone actually foolish enough to put that thing where they sleep? Amazon is fucking creepy, shit.


PoisonDartFrog wrote

Most people will do whatever corporations tell them to do.


ConfettiEggnog wrote

But you need an extensive prison system to protect the people from themselves. Luckily there are enough rich people who can pay for that in exchange for the lives of their families. Only problem: two generations is more than enough to bankrupt such a system.


redfood1917 wrote

Doesn't everyone already sleep next to their smartphone? And use their phone in the bathroom? How is this worse than that?


Apo wrote

Anything with "smart" next to it is a CIA spying machine


NEOalquimista wrote

They will just keep making everything "smart" until every little object we have is connected to the net and broadcasting information. For instance, imagine smart clothes that adapt to your body shape, keep you warm when it's cold, keep your virtual doctor informed and scratch your nose for you. The companies see profit. The rulers see opportunities.


Naokotani wrote

You guys aren't mentioning the fact that this thing is a complete dumpster trash waste of raw materials. Why would anyone want one of these things is beyond me entirely.