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josefStallman wrote

This is really well written and interesting! I've never really thought of TempleOS as anything other than a joke, but a lot of the design philosophy discussed here makes a lot of sense. I wonder if it's possible to implement an operating system with a lot of the more simplistic, single-user, unified design ideas that TempleOS uses without all the racism and delusions.


23i wrote

honestly, while those ideas have been done before, it's interesting to see an example that's from a hobbyist rather than a research project or long-dead commercial project, even if it's a racist as fuck hobbyist...


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zorblax wrote

He streams pretty often. Has a bit of a cult following... I can't tell if it's healthy for him or not, he seems pretty lucid sometimes.


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23i wrote

if you're just talking about a public domain OS, colorforth would technically count, but it's a. an example of language as OS on steroids, b. is triple dead.