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foggymorn wrote

All the sites affected need to start pushing a libre search engine like searx. The only way to beat this is to get people to stop using Google the way people stopped using Internet Explorer in favor of Firefox.


ziq wrote

Agreed, but it would be hard to find a search engine that didn't prioritize sites that are basically glorified ads, online shops and corporate / nationalist propaganda. Those sites are what google shows you, so those sites get bigger because of that (often paid) exposure, and then monopolize the results on all search engines because those search engines point to whatever sites are most visited.


Lenny wrote

A lot of the smaller search engines depend on the big search portals anyway. Startpage is basically a re-skinned Google and duckduckgo is yahoo and a bunch of others.


ziq wrote

We might have viable libre alternatives to reddit, facebook and twitter, but search engines need to scour the entire internet so they require a hell of a lot more resources to get going.


zod wrote

Do you guys even care if google lists you in their results? If I search there, the site doesn't even have a description. And if I search just for 'raddle', it doesn't find the site at all.


ziq wrote

If they're removing leftist sites from their results anyway, there's no point in pursing a Google ranking. Word of mouth is the only promotion that works if you're not a giant corporation anyway.


ziq wrote

We need to put together a coalition of anti-capitalist sites to counter this bullshit.


DissidentRage wrote

I've been wanting to develop an actual Facebook alternative but don't know how to go about finding people who want to help with it. I'd develop it to not track people and not demand personal information like FB does. It'd of course require being hosted and managed outside the US like Raddle is.


ziq wrote

There already is one btw. I've never used it but others here do. It's called Diaspora.


DissidentRage wrote (edited )

Oh yeah. I registered for one of those and then forgot it exists.

Update: Yeah, I have no idea where I got it so it's lost to me.


Garx wrote

Yet another reason for why I have moved to other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo. Ive been trying to stop using anything by Google.


EdgyIndividualistBuffoon wrote

Good. It'll only lead to people abandoning google when they realize only boring shit comes back in searches.


surreal wrote

sadly ppl won't even notice.


ziq wrote (edited )

It's hard not to notice when you're looking for real information and just get endless infomercials and fake sites with no content except malware. Fuck Google sucks.