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n_n wrote

The what?


indianapale wrote

The title. Refer to their title as they are repeating their question in the body. "Any mastadon users here?"


n_n wrote (edited )

Oh is a social media website, is the first time that I heard of it.

Edit: how is it compared to Twitter and others similar?


Mango wrote

Mastodon is a cross between twitter and facebook, you host your own instance on the network. It's decentralized, free software and good privacy. The userbase is small though most of them are leftist with an exception of one or two ancap servers.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

The userbase is small relative to Facebook and Twitter but I've seen claims that Mastodon has two million active users right now. Also you don't have to host your own, there are sites with shared hosts (many people using one server). Some are free, some have monthly fees.

I've read Mastodon posts but haven't made an account anywhere or run my own yet.


Freux wrote

I tried it for about a month, I stopped because I didn't see a point in it. A platform like raddle does the same in a better way and I think facebook alternative (like friendica, diaspora, etc.) are more interesting.


claudiom wrote

I've been on Mastodon since November 2018. I'm on the instance. You can find more information about it and instances on (the original instance which is now invite only). If you scroll down to "Sign Up" on there, you'll see a list of instances that might be of interest to join.