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throwaway wrote

Great, even AI is growing up to be racist.


surreal wrote

that's cause they are trained mostly by racist white men.


[deleted] wrote


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote (edited )

I thought this kind of thing was generally known. For me it just comes down to the idea that programs will inevitably contain the biases of the programmers.

And of course, programmers aren't usually exemplars of ethical practice.


BuffyTheFascistSlayer wrote

Not just programmers, AI learns by observing people. People are racist, misogynist and generally terrible.


Raven wrote

Techbros run the show, no wonder AI is racist and sexist.


bloodrose wrote

I think the problem is most people think of facial recognition as some fancy feature, not something that is actually being used for anything. Very few people seem to understand how important it is that their data is being used.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Features are determined by what is visible to the observer. I suspect that darker skinned people will likely begin wearing lighter colored coats and jackets, for greater visibility. There's a reason that reflective clothing is used by rescue workers at night.