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xxi wrote (edited )

They say it like it is something bad. They're just doing what people are telling them to do when governments/others say that they should take "responsibility".

One week it's like: "Ooooh! Save us from Russian propaganda! Decide what's FAKE NEWS for us, please, please, pretty please?! Who needs to decide what they read when they've got Facebook/et al.. Here's some money! Build data-centers in our backyard! Fuck, investing public money in shit that benefit people! That's sooooo 90's."

The next: "They're censoring us! Tyrants, Tyrants! Stop them! Google! Stop Facebook! Facebook! Stop Google!"

"No? Why do you say no? Why won't you answer our questions?"


On the phone: "Hi, McDonalds! Good to meat you (no buns intended). Wanna stop Facebook?"


"Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" McDonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalds?"

(wither and dies with the phone in hand)


xxi wrote (edited )

I.e. this is what everybody say that they want. Corporations deciding what's good for people and what's not. It is pretty much in line with every slogan and demand both individuals and organizations spout every couple of days.