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arduinna wrote

Civilization was pretty great while it lasted, wasn't it?



Just_An_Author wrote

I find this sort of doomsaying annoying. Yes, we're probably headed for a Hothouse Earth scenario, but that is a scenario where life on Earth has been proven to survive before. Seriously, the Dinosaurs lived in a world with twice the atmospheric CO2 of today, and they were fine.

On the other hand, this article offers very little advice for those of us who want to maintain comfortable living conditions for humans despite the probably unavoidable climate shift. Well, aside from 'eliminate inequality' which is kind of the entire point of the Left.


dslinguist wrote

Strongly agree. We can however hope for, nay, work for leftward societal change in the future


sudo wrote

Exactly. So may people conflate the end of civilization with the extinction of humanity, or the extinction of all life on Earth. Life will go on; it's civilization that's in danger. It'd be really nice to find a way for that to endure, so we don't end up hitting the reset button, and forgetting everything we've learned so far.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

A clarification at the end states that the study used NASA data and was not done nor endorsed by NASA. So, who knows if the study was a result of injected bias or not.


zzuum wrote

How can I help