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             Tor Social networking guide 

A little guide i made for people new to the Deep Web. I have excluded any links to black markets and have tried to only include sites that explicitly forbid any kind of gore or abusive material. That being said, if you're on the deep web be extra careful not to click on links that seems suspicious, and be ready to close your browser at a moments notice. Before you put this guide into practice i advice reading up on best security practices and the risks of using tor.

	Before you begin . . . 

Get KeePass2 or KeePassX: this is a password manager, you will use it to save Tor websites, your username and passwords. Keepass has a password generator function: use it to make an absurdly long passwords. You only need to remember one master password to access them.


If you haven't done so GET THE DANG TOR BROWSER ALREADY (open up a 'private browser' to download) https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en

Once you have the tor browser downloaded, and you install and run it for the first time, CONGRATULATIONS you are browsing anonymously! Now look up how to safely use tor, mess around with the security settings, etc. You will not be able to access .onion sites without the Tor Browser.

I can not stress this enough:

DO NOT GET ON FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE USING TOR it defeates teh whole purpose. but you are encouraged to use tor for your everyday internet browsing as it makes your activity more difficult to track.

Once you have it up and running, maybe sign into Raddit.me using using tor and continue reading the guide. When you get back here, check out this site:

Deep Web in a Nutshell


This will give you a rough introduction of whats you can expect from the Deep Web in a safe environment.


In order to sign up to most tor social networks, you will need a tor based email, i have provided here email services that are totally free and seem legit. You want to make sure that information you give on a tor service cannot be linked back to you in any way; so don't use any variation of your name or something that could easily be asosciated with you.


pretty standard tor email



yet another one



Bitmessage is a great email overall, supports IMAP POP3 and all that fancy email shit. it can also be accessed through the clearnet (regular internet) I highly suggest using it.



quality email service



Protonmail has a tor gateway, though, i believe it asks for a phone number or something if you want to make a new account idk, just putting it here for reference.


Guerilla Mail

This is a temporary disposable email. This can't be used to sign up for anything, but still pretty cool to have if you want to send out anonymous emails or have a private conversation.


		Social Networking

Here's the moment you've been waiting for. Tor has quite a few social networks, Many of them are completely uninhabited. Most allow for private chat, groups, etc. Just make sure to be real fucking careful, lots of pedos and hackers and cops, i'm suggesting using these sites to meet up with people you already know rather than making friends. This is far from a complete list, these are only links that were up at the time of writing this, you will find that tor sites go up and down pretty regularly


This is the standard for deepweb social networks, Looks like a knockoff facebook. if youre there, make sure to say hi to Syntax the madam of the house. A user can create groups, long posts, polls and private messages.


The Dark Lair

This is a gem of a site with a sleek layout, there are no 'friends' everyone shares one timeline, some pretty cool, though lonely, people on here. No email needed, just have to "reserve" a username. Does allow for private groups and private messages.



"The facebook of Tor" just recently came back online.



Atlayo is a rich and fully featured social network, geared towards media sharing, it has all the functionality of a site like facebook or tumblr, though you have to allow a lot of javascript.

Warning: Atlayo markets itself for 'absolute free speech' i have not ever seen anything explicitly vile, but be careful.


Twitter Clone

Self explanatory, basic twitter set up, full of scumbags mostly.



The .onion version of 0ch.org, a nice little community full of anarcho hacker types: the forum is incredibly basic, but allows you to post totally anonymously, no need to make an account.





Goblin Refuge

'Federated media hosting' similar to Imgur


Intel Exchange

Contrary to it's name, these people have terrible Intel, it's mostly just paranoid trumpies, neo-nazi conspiracy theorists and/or pedos, good for a laught tho.


Hidden Answers

Added this because it's not terribly terribly bad, but still basically horrible, Be warned, some really shitty people on here.



Tor offers many anonymous chatrooms, this obviously can come in handy if you're organizing or discussing things that might be of a sensative legal nature. But then i don't have to tell you what other people use these chatrooms for

Daniel's Chat

Daniel is some scumlord piece of shit I assume, his name gets thrown around a bit. The chatroom is descent tho



A somewhat controversal chatroom since it uses javascript, a big no no on the deep web. However, pretty nice user experience.


Private room

This is a 'pure html chatroom' it allows you to create a room for whatever chatting purposes you might have, and then permanently delete the room once you're done. I'd recommend this site if any.


My secret world's chat




Here's a couple news sites, mostly related to Deep Web stuff



Deep Dot Web



There are many Ebook Libraries on Tor. And that is really the only ethical thing you can do there: download books.

Imperial Library of Trantor

Incredible Resource, gorgeous user interface, very broad selection. A lot of great books on programming and networking in particular.


Marxists Internet Archive

The complete marxist.org library including books that were taken down for copyright infringement.


Center For a Stateless Society Mirror

Market Anarchism's not really my cup of tea, but a descent site all and all.


Radical Militant Library

great political books and wide selection of science fiction. Unfortunately, Down at the time of writing this guide.


The Library

Mostly science books



Don' t really recommend searching around aimlessly but just so you know These search engines are pretty good

Candle - http://gjobqjj7wyczbqie.onion/ Ahmia - https://ahmia.fi/ DuckduckgoOnion - https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

Where most people start ou is the notorious 'the hidden wiki ' but a good chunk of these website are scams and even the 'censored' hidden wiki' has some really fucking triggering content, but i just leave it here for referrence.



So there you have it. You are now a hardcore anarcho-cyber punk surfing the deepweb taking down the corporate surveillance state. Invite your friends to a deep web chat, or start a deep web group to plot revolution. Stay safe ya'll..

Oh, i almost forgot


If you can't afford a vpn and don't know how to use proxies i really recommend using Tribler, it's slow but it hides your identity well enough to protect you form the copyright pigs. the 'stable' version is available here https://www.tribler.org/ and the newest version is here https://forum.tribler.org/t/tribler-7-release-candidate-2-please-test/3993

torrentproject - http://x4torrentjjjjuxy.onion/

torrentz2 - http://torrentzwealmisr.onion/

the pirate bay - http://uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/

idope - http://gv6zipaqcoaau4qe.onion/

Demonoid - https://www.demonoid.pw (onion site down)

             Stay Safe Ya'll 


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