looking for a feature-rich dumb (!= smart) portable audio device

Submitted by lookin4 in Tech

Which portable music player to get in 2018? In the time of smartphones they seem to be nearly extinct. Because I see no need in buying neither a new nor a smart device, this shouldn't be a problem.

But as I think it would be cool if it comes with some, better all, of the following features, it seems pretty unrealistic to get more than the first two, maybe three:

  • powered by removable, standard alkaline batteries
  • the common operating systems will recognize it as a usb flashdrive
  • included radio antenna
  • able to record voice if headset is connected via 3.5mm audio cable
  • besides mp3 it can play ogg/oga - there is no need for wmv, aac or else
  • internal storage is at least 1 gb, possibility to extend via (micro-)sd card
  • recognition of chapter marks in audio books and podcasts

Can anyone here offer some advice on this?



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ziq wrote (edited )

It doesn't meet your batteries criteria, but since sansa clip + was discontinued, the go to is a clone of it.



selver wrote

The clip is what I have, it's really great. Perfect for running / working out.


ziq wrote

they discontinued the good clips and replaced them with shit ones that no one wants.


lookin4 OP wrote

After your hint I've done research for the clone and the original, luckily there are many opinions about them to find on the web. And as most of them are positive I am pretty sure I'll give it a try.

Even though it's a shame that they decided to design its operation with proprietary non-usual batteries, makes the device useless if its broken - not a wise (but in capitalism logical) way - with our environment in mind.

I'll try now to find it somewhere on the used market and make use of the alternative firmware Rockbox afterwards. Thanks u/ziq and u/selver!