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gamebox3000 wrote (edited )

Ya we all know that corporate owned internet is shit but do you need to link a website the praises Alex jones, cites brietbart, and uses anti-semetic dog whistles?


RedIsNowGreen wrote

  1. "internet" should be capitalized.

  2. "websight" should be spelled "website".

  3. "sights" should be spelled "cites".

  4. "anti-semetic" should be spelled "anti-Semitic".

  5. Links to a web page do not necessarily constitute endorsement of a website.


hewn wrote

if you don't want to endorse a hatefully bigoted website, it'd be a good idea to use instead of linking it directly and giving it more prominence in search engine results.

also, there's no need for pedantry. gamebox3000's post is perfectly comprehensible regardless of spelling, they make a very good point, and there's no reason why "internet" need ever be capitalized unless you're writing professionally and it's required by your employer's/client's style guide.


ergdj5 wrote

are you straight up being a grammarian right here

buddy we got tons of language-based forums and region-based forums im willing to bet english isnt a common first language here (its not mine)