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OldHippieChick wrote

This doesn't surprise me, but it is scary. The article did not make the distinction between the corporations and the artists themselves, which is sad. The artists are getting screwed even worse than we are. :'''''(


leftous wrote

It is surprising that it took this long.

But yeah, most music streaming services are heavily screwing over artists, which many users don't realize. It's more beneficial to artists if you pirate their music, and buy merchandise directly from them to support them, rather than pay for a music streaming service.


OldHippieChick wrote

I don't even feel guilty about it any more. If I hadn't pirated all of one of my favourite author's books, I wouldn't have been able to contribute to his medical fund when he had a stroke.

He needs the money more than the publishing company does.


elyersio wrote

That is a beautiful story. How is he now? Is he still writing?


OldHippieChick wrote

He's still creating and he still has books in him; I'm not sure if he can physically hold a pencil or use a keyboard any more.


ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote

You can probably still download with vlc media player, a bit convoluted, and I think you still need to convert it to MP3 but that's how I acquired a bunch pf good hour mix tapes


elyersio wrote

excuse me, im gonna go download some music with youtube-dl.