Highlights From the European Legal Hackers Summit 2018 lawless.tech

Submitted by likhuta in Tech

Technology keeps on evolving, and the regulatory bodies and businesses alike have to adapt to the changing landscape. For law professionals such a technology-driven evolution brings new tools for the job, new reasons to muse about the future, and, in some cases, new concerns to address. Legal tech, emerging from the fusion of legal practice and relevant technological solutions, is perceived not only as a way to address the problems of the practice of law, but as a way to improve regular people’s access to justice and make the entire law systems around the world better.

To talk about the emergent legal tech trends, the toughest problems, and potential solutions, the Kyiv chapter of the global Legal Hackers movement organized the first European Legal Hackers Summit 2018 in Odessa, Ukraine, held on May 26th. lawless.tech has attended the event, and here’s what it was all about.


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