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go1dfish OP wrote

Because in your setup you must trust the site fully anyway.

This is not necessarily the case with the notabug approach if you can trust the code instead. You can run your own local copy of the js app, and/or you can verify in the browser that the app is not talking to or saying anything it shouldn't.

It's totally a valid concern, but the reasoning behind this approach makes javascript a necessary evil at this stage.

Other distributed aggregator projects like aether require software downloads, and I think that is a heavy barrier to entry.

Notabug users still have the option to use local software and if the gun protocol is ported to other languages it should be possible for different client builds to interact.


libre_dev wrote

I may have glossed over the part where there's an actual protocol involved. That changes things. I'm very much in favor of moving things toward protocols rather than siloed implementations


go1dfish OP wrote

Currently the only implementation of the gun protocol is the javascript implementation of gun.

NAB doesn't really have a protocol beyond that as much as it has a data schema it enforces on top of the database arising from that protocol.