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dele_ted wrote

All the FLOSS programs I find online are buggy as shit, look like garbage

That's simply not true. While it may be true that proprietary software often looks cleaner because the big coporations can afford to hire more developers, it is not by any means fact.

Examples of FOSS and Open Source alternatives to Discord (depending on what you use it for) that works well, just the ones i can think of off the top of my head: Signal, Wire, Matrix and Riot

and are made by losers with no people skills

What does this have to do with anything..?


malifica wrote

Signal: Requires mobile tie-in, no thank you.

Wire: Groups are rudimentary. Like seriously you can’t even set group icons.

Riot: Desktop version makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Buggy as fuck. Stupid latent too.

Since you mentioned Matrix, Nheko is nice. No crypto but still better than Discord privacy-wise since you choose your server.

Truly good crypto offerings for group/team comms is limited.

OMEMO is great if you have a bit of patience. But group management doesn’t seem very advanced either? (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Keybase chat is nice and has identity-stuff and Git integrated. But no VC, which is fine I guess since you can just have a separate Mumble server. IRC servers manage :3

At some point I’d rather just self-host something like Rocket.Chat. But yeah, there’s not as many “duh!” replacements as it looks.


naveen wrote

Sorry but i don't understand why you compare Discord with Signal, Wire etc. Isn't Discord more like slack, in the sense that the UI is the same ( channels). Wire and Signal compare better with WhatsApp, no?


dele_ted wrote

That's why i said "depending on what you use it for" in parantheses. I personally use Discord only for direct communication and group chats, which Wire can replace.