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malifica wrote

Signal: Requires mobile tie-in, no thank you.

Wire: Groups are rudimentary. Like seriously you can’t even set group icons.

Riot: Desktop version makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Buggy as fuck. Stupid latent too.

Since you mentioned Matrix, Nheko is nice. No crypto but still better than Discord privacy-wise since you choose your server.

Truly good crypto offerings for group/team comms is limited.

OMEMO is great if you have a bit of patience. But group management doesn’t seem very advanced either? (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Keybase chat is nice and has identity-stuff and Git integrated. But no VC, which is fine I guess since you can just have a separate Mumble server. IRC servers manage :3

At some point I’d rather just self-host something like Rocket.Chat. But yeah, there’s not as many “duh!” replacements as it looks.