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ziq wrote


the internet is quickly turning into a controlled corporate portal.

we're so fucked



nijntje wrote

Imagine having a good discussion about your sex life with your SO because that's what adults in healthy relationships do and all of a sudden you can't access your email or your documents because some underpaid intern listening in on you thought you're icky.


zombie_berkman wrote

Stop using propriety software


DissidentRage wrote

And then you have to get everyone else to stop using it, too.


nijntje wrote

well yeah, that's kind of the logical conclusion of articles like this.

and it helps explain why to people that don't know yet.


selver wrote

Wait, they didn't actually ban it though right? I don't see why they would do that, no one would use it. It's probably just to fuck over specific targets.


nijntje wrote

Not algorithmically no, it's not like it all gets filtered now. But officially yes, it's never ever allowed. Which, like you said, in reality gives them the space to do it to whoever they want.


Russian_Election_Hacker wrote

Never touched it when I heard ms bought them. Was right after seeing what vault7 wikileaks revealed; everything you say on skype is turned into txt and stored on NSA/CIA servers.