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dragontology wrote

For music, mainly it's Spotify. I got my first iPhone 23 months ago, and while I don't dislike it (I'm a phone guy with no loyalty, never tried Apple before and I wanted to), I don't like how it does music, so I just use Spotify mainly.

Backup is Google Play Music, where I have all my legally purchased music uploaded. GPM works fine on iPhone, only it doesn't have the music store the Android version does (though I can go to it on the web, so FU Apple).

Tertiary is TinyMusic, an app I can sideload music into. It's where I keep stuff that is 100% offline that I can have regardless of data connection.

Video is similar, mostly it's legal streaming through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Funimation Now (gotta scratch that anime itch). We also have Plex for watching ripped DVDs on the TV.