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F3nd0 wrote

  • GNUnet, which aims to replace the internet protocol stack to bulid a better, distributed network. Also SecuShare, which aims to build a social platform on top of this network. The people behind these projects seem like they have a very good vision of what needs to be done, and they put important values such as freedom and privacy at the core of it. Out of everyone trying to fix the broken internet, it seems to me they can do the best.
  • GNU Guix, which is a package manager for GNU distributions, independent of any of them. It can allow for easy package distribution and installation, has many neat functions, is written in Lisp, and has a distribution of its own (called “GuixSD”) built around it.
  • GNU Ring, which is a distributed communication platform, featuring audio/video calls, and (rather wonky) text messaging. It's somewhat buggy, but is a neat project, and should stabilize over the time.
  • PeerTube, which aims to be a distributed video streaming platform, similar to YouTube in its apparent purpose. It's still young and lacks crucial functions, but appears to be on a good path.
  • Pijul, which is a distributed version control system, similar to Git or Darcs in their purpose. It should be more solid and simple than Git, which I find complex and unfriendly, from my occassional usage.