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leftous wrote

Google and YouTube in particular always promote far-right content like this.

If I watch any right wing video on youtube when logged in, suddenly I am bombarded with several more extreme fashy videos in my recommendations and sometimes for weeks. Whereas if I watch leftist content, I never have leftist content recommended or find new leftist youtubers through their recommendation engine.

I have also noticed on google itself, that nazi sites like stormfront are sometimes near the top of the results if I am searching for any info critical of Israel.


amongstclouds wrote

The right wants to keep pushing the use of 'crisis' actors because it creates a constant state of terror and confusion. They want this because if you look back at history this is how you solidify power and control the narrative of whole societies.

The ironic part is how the right is accusing the students at these protests as being paid by the Dem party while accepting MILLIONS from the NRA.