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bmrgould01 wrote (edited )

Why are we giving it 777 just for non root to read it?

Change the file owner/group instead of giving Other access to anything.


sudo wrote (edited )

I'll admit my knowledge of linux file permissions is lacking. I'm not sure if it matters here, though, because once the copy of the torrent is uploaded, it can be deleted.

I just skimmed the manpage for chown. Would you do sudo chown <username> <name of torrent>.torrent? I'll edit my post if that's right.

Edit: Just tried it, and it works. I'll update the post.


bmrgould01 wrote

Yes, that should work much better.

The last number is for other, meaning anyone who isn't the owner or the group. including an outside user who gained access to your system and you wouldn't want touching anything. Giving Other the ability to execute anything is a security risk that would preferably be avoided. Combined with the ability to read and write.. they could do whatever they want.

(7 is Read, Write and Execute)