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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

wow thanks! this is great!

I used to be able to just watch it on youtube, but i think they have been messinging with the javascript to where you have to allow all these trackers to get the video to play, i've gotten around it by watching youtube videos through


sudo OP wrote

Neat, I didn't know DuckDuckGo let you watch youtube videos.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

yeah, you gotta have java script enabled, mess with no-script for a minute.. .but yeah you can watch videos from youtube, vimeo etc. under the 'videos tab' without going to the site.


LostWithPurpose wrote

Startpage does too, but it has this warning:

When you play a YouTube video here, your privacy protection will be the same as if you played it directly on YouTube will be aware that you are watching the video, and you may receive a YouTube cookie on your browser.