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49492093097198310931 OP wrote

Every time signal does something like this I find myself worrying that they've sold out or they're making room for backdoors or something.

I don't get your reasoning, just because they helped (in return for some important revenue) some companies adopt their Signal protocol doesn't mean that they'll introduce backdoors into Signal (it also doesn't mean that those same companies can't introduce backdoors if they want in their own closed-source apps).

how their desktop app runs with Chrome

Their justification at the time was that Chrome was the most popular browser, but the Chrome-only app was deprecated in favor of a standalone app now:


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I agree on the 'just because' point, it just feels weird that groups we trust are working with groups we don't, in a way that seems to benefit us.

TIL there's a stand alone app now, thanks!