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DissidentRage wrote

This is our web notification system, documented in RFC 6108,

Oh, so because you documented it in a technical consortium that you know the average user isn't going to know about, under a document that nobody is going to know to look for unless they have this issue, that makes it not creepy, even acceptable, and it totally gets around the lack of consent?


[deleted] wrote (edited )


DissidentRage wrote

I've seen on another forum this same employee spinning it that it's alerting the user of a technical limitation, that they're upgrading their system (yeah right, Comcast doesn't invest shit) and that the notice is to tell the customer that they will need newer hardware to take advantage. Load of apologist bullshit.


Enkara wrote (edited )

I get that some folks are super into HTML PURITY, but this is one of the lesser offensive things Comcast does imo.

Like... way less offensive to me than DNS hijacking, for instance.

(or the fucking fiber-taps that give the pigs push-button "lawful intercept" functionality without any inconvenience or expense for the ISP)

Furthermore... people can't just hang onto their old-as-shit modems indefinitely as the DOCSIS standard changes/improves over time and providing backwards compatibility isn't always feasible.


sudo wrote (edited )

This is not like targeted advertisements when I visit websites with ads (which is perfectly acceptable)

(which is perfectly acceptable)

No it isn't.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

Shit like this led me to install Tor browser. ISP's are not our friends.