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josefStallman wrote

Just updated. Just as good as I remember. Shout out to the noscript developer(s) for maintaining the best security extension available!


xxi wrote

I'm sorry to say that this release is so far the only one that have made me disappointed in any way. I've never had any problems whatsoever with NoScript. Not once.

The options page made FF hang, it fucked up the rest of the FF UI (leaving it blank), made the browser crash a couple of times. Apart from that getting keyboard shortcuts to work, well... It didn't work. Might be that they're not supported anymore.

After an hour or two of troubleshooting, new profile, clean install, returning everything to standard settings and what not all these problems remained. I'll stick with classic for a while at least and hopefully these kind of problems will be addressed in the next release.


quandyalaterreux OP wrote

He also announced that the development would move to Github.