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emma wrote (edited )

Ok it's time to go on about the virgin inkjet vs the chad laser printer again.

STOP BUYING INKJETS. They are a terrible choice for nearly everything you could possibly want a printer for.

They are not good for making long-term physical copies of your precious photos with. They are not good for making big copies to frame and hang on your wall. They might be alright if you need a decent photo print for a very short while, but you'll pay through your nose for the privilege.

"But Emma, laser printers are even worse for photos" this is true (for print quality, not longevity), which is why if the quality of your photo prints is important, you take those photos to a print shop. Perhaps surprisingly, a quick look at the pricing of professional printing services shows that the economics of owning an inkjet make no sense.

For important documents, like copies of receipts, two-factor recovery codes, legal stuff, etc., you don't want those ruined because your drunk self stumbled and spilt beer all over your open document folder at 3am. Toner doesn't fade and doesn't smear, and is ideal for this kind of long-term preservation.

And this isn't even going into the tricks that manufacturers pull off to rope you into their ink racket. The gist of it is that laser printers are priced higher upfront and are expected to exist in office environments, thus are far less susceptible to manufacturer bullshit (although on my mum's printer I did have to disable the "nearly out of toner" warning for it to keep printing, which it still does 15 years later on the stock cartridge).

By the way I mentioned last time that if I pulled my 90s laser printer out of storage, it'd probably make a perfectly fine print. The print wasn't perfectly fine, but it did print. It would put letters on paper and you could make out the letters. Since it's old, needs repairs/supplies, and doesn't have USB, let alone a network interface, I will be replacing it with a modern networked B&W printer that will probably last me the rest of my life.


ziq OP wrote

which it still does 15 years later on the stock cartridge.


sounds like i should be looking for a new old stock laser printer. my thermal label printer doesn't use ink, but the label cartridges cost a fortune


asterism wrote

I second this, laser printer's are the way to go 100%

I had two laser printers from that long ago that were printing perfectly fine. Just got rid of them a few days ago actually. Too much of a pain to have a printer that only connects via ethernet cable and they were the size of Jupiter.