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jadedctrl wrote (edited )

“There’s no incentive for operating system companies to create planned obsolescence,” said Greg Raiz, a former program manager for Microsoft who worked on Windows XP.

Operating system companies, sure, yea, maybe (other than deals with manufacturers, etc.). But smart-phone companies like Apple? You fucking bet they have incentive


obligatoryidiot21 wrote

You know they're trying their hardest to sell as many units of these phones they spit out every damn year


sudo wrote

Never forget, correlation is not causation. Nobody has proven that Apple is purposefully slowing down older iPhones, though they could be. Two other explanations are that a bunch of people bought the new iPhone on that day, but it's slower than they expected, so they searched google for "iPhone slow," or Apple pushed a new version of iOS out to all iPhones, but the new iOS isn't optimized for the older models, so it slows them down.


Naokotani wrote

Come on guys. Its in the NY times. It must be true!