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An Idea Whose Time was Never

BADSITES was part of the aftermath of the Daniel Brandt vs.Wikipedia war I need to write about some time soon; at any rate, because Brandt had websites reminding people about the Bomis Babes and all the other more unsavory parts of the Jimmy Wales/early Wikipedia story, "The Cabal" (i.e., the administrative leadership, such luminaries as MONGO, Will Beback, SlimVirgin, Snowspinner [Philip Sandifer], Fred_Bauder, Mantanmoreland [Gary Weiss], und so weiter....) decided to come up with a hidden shite list of websites to be linkbanned and thus BADSITES was born. This was done when Wikipedia was at its highest point, 2006-2007, when it seemed Wiki-inania would be the future and everything was milk and honey, hookers and blow.



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ikk wrote

This situation is made more complicated by the fact that they've been redirecting links with a Wikipedia referer to their anti-Wikipedia page rather than the particular other pages being linked to

seems quite reasonable to me that wikipedia don't allow linking to a site for references when the server hosting the site is deliberately configured to redirect links away from what they're referencing. also, the repeated nazi comparisons are cringe hyperbole.


Heywood_Floyd OP wrote

Under this system you can't use the Daily Mail (UK) as a source. Wikipedians might not like the politics of the tabloid, but it has been around 126 years.

Daniel Brandt's view of Wikipedia in 2005: His views on Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales have not changed an inch.


ikk wrote

Under this system you can't use the Daily Mail (UK) as a source.

Is Daily Mail redirecting links with referer from Wikipedia to a separate page?

Daniel Brandt's view of Wikipedia in 2005:

Nice article, valid criticisms but entirely different points than the blog post.